Clinical Reporting

Documentation of the clinical information in your electronic medical record system is the main purpose of having an EMR.  However, many practices fall short in utilizing this information to provide better patient care and increase their financial position.

Thankfully, we at Mi7 are experts in building custom clinical reports off of your clinical information to leverage this data.

There is clinical information available within the native reporting tool we can leverage for your reporting purposes.  We can also provide custom reports that do not rely on just the data that is exposed for reporting.  In essence, this allows Mi7 to report on any data that is stored about your patients in your database.

Here are just a few examples questions reports of practice management data could answer:

Outstanding Orders

  • Are the appropriate orders recorded and placed for your patients?
  • Are there tests that could be ordered for your patients based on their diagnosis that are not being ordered?
  • Are orders tracked and followed up on in a timely manner?

Telephone Encounter Follow-up

  • Are phone communications with your clients documented appropriately?
  • Are they being follow up on in a timely manner?
  • Is your staff providing proactive communication with the patient?

RX Follow-up

  • Are refill requests for you patients handled in a timely manner?
  • Is the process for handling these requests implemented in the most efficient manner?

Proactive Patient Communication

  • Do you have patients in your population that have not been seen in the appropriate timeframe?
  • Are there annual or periodic tests that your patients need to have performed for which they are overdue?

These are just a few examples. A discussion with Mi7 could uncover other types of reporting that would give you the data you need to support the clinical decisions within your practice.

When it comes to helping your practice, we’re more than just a technical service; we’re people, working with you every step of the way to make sure you have a solution that works. Contact Mi7 today to get started and make the most of the data you have.