Productivity Reporting

When you think of EMR, your first thought may revolve around capturing and reporting on patient information. That’s is one of the main functionalities, but there’s so much more. Did you know you can leverage your EMR to monitor and improve productivity in your practice?

At Mi7, we’ll work with you to build custom productivity reports tailored to your practice to leverage this data. Your electronic medical records system has many logs and ways to track usage.  This data can be utilized to see if there are efficiencies in productivity that might be gained.

Mi7 can access the data that is exposed within the native reporting tool, as well as the data that is not exposed for reporting.  In essence, this Mi7 is able to provide custom reports on any data in your database.

Here are just a few example questions that reports of practice productivity data could answer:

Biller Productivity

  • Is correct coding happening against the clinical data recorded?
  • Are claims being created and submitted in a timely manner after the patient visit?
  • Is the appropriate follow up happening for outstanding charges?
  • Is your billing staff spending the appropriate amount of time on the correct tasks?

Front Office Productivity

  • Is your front office staff performing the correct tasks in a timely manner?
  • Is the correct documentation being recorded for the patient to support the other aspects of patient care?
  • Are the appropriate follow up tasks being performed at check out and after the patient visit?

Patient Throughput Reporting

  • How quickly are your patients moving through your front office check in/out area?
  • Are there stages in that process that could be made more efficient?

Clinical Productivity

  • Is your clinical staff performing the correct tasks in a timely manner?
  • Is the appropriate follow up being performed for patient communication?
  • Are the providers completing their documentation in a timely manner?

We recommend setting up a discussion with Mi7 to uncover other types of reporting that could aid better productivity decisions within your practice.

Mi7 is more than a technical service, we’re people, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you have a solution that works. Contact Mi7 today to get started and make the most of the data you have.