Quality Reporting

One of the overall reasons for the implementation of electronic medical records systems in the medical community in the last decade is to assist with population health and quality reporting of data in our society.  Use of an EMR can allow each practice to record data in a central location.  That’s a very important piece of the puzzle, and serves as the first step in the process.

However, the next challenge is to extract that data from a single practice and report it to a community data store for wider usage.  Many times, that becomes a large investment of time for a practice to manually gather that data. Thankfully, there is a better, more efficient way.

At Mi7 we have experience in building custom quality reports against your digital information to leverage this data. This can eliminate the need for your staff to manually review system data and gather information, freeing them up to provide more proactive patient care.  We’ll work with your practice to review the data needs for reporting and determine the location of the data in your EMR.  Then we can create a report to consolidate all of the required information into reports that can be run quickly and easily.

Mi7 is able to report on essentially any data stored in your database about your patients. There is data that is exposed within the native reporting tool, but you have so much more information available to you beyond what’s accessible in the reporting tool. The great news is, we know how to get it and create custom reports that do not rely on just the data that is exposed for reporting.

Here are just a few example quality reporting programs with which Mi7 Solutions has assisted clients:

  • CPC+
  • 340b
  • CAPS
  • Best in Class
  • Healthgrades
  • FPAR/Fertility Programs

What data would you like to access and report on? Perhaps you have specific goals in mind, or are simply unsure of what’s possible. The Mi7 team is here to help. We’re more than just a technical service; we’re people, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure you have a solution that works. Contact Mi7 today to get started to make the most of the data you have.