Data Migration Case Study: Central Peninsula Hospital

The Client

Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH) is a 49 bed, full service hospital in Soldotna, Alaska. The staff includes more than 80 physicians and allied medical staff practicing a wide variety of specialties.

The Situation

CPH was planning to consolidate and connect its hospital records into one centralized electronic health records system. They had chosen Epic as their new EHR system, and needed a way to extract data from existing systems, and format, validate and migrate it into Epic. With 13 physician practices operating within the hospital network, those managing the project knew they were dealing with 13 different data sources, 12 of which were eClinicalWorks.

The Client’s Need

CPH was in need of a partner who could help them extract the data they needed from the different data sources in a way that was meaningful, accurate, and as smooth as possible. They realized the challenges posed by the number of data extracts that would need to be performed, as well as the extensive planning and data verification processes that were required in order to ensure that the data migration into Epic was successful. When dealing with patient data files, it’s important to have confidence that all information is delivered to spec with no variations.

How Mi7 Solutions Helped

The CPH team had an advantage entering into this project: they had worked with Mi7’s sister company, Curas, for many years on their eClinicalWorks needs, and knew members of the Mi7 team (and their extensive capabilities when it came to data extraction and migration). Mi7 began the process by working with the consulting group the hospital had chosen  to create the specifications for the project, ensuring that all were in alignment with how the data would be pulled and migrated, while remaining flexible to make adjustments to the process as the project got underway.

Eventually, three data extracts, and validations, per database were performed, totaling thousands of patient records and lines of data to import into the new EHR. Not only did Mi7 extract patient data, including demographics, visits, and progress notes, the team also extracted Problems, Allergies, Medications and Immunization (PAMI) data.


When evaluating a data extraction and migration project, the first result to consider is the accuracy of the data. Through the validation process, the CPH team never encountered any inaccuracies. In fact, this level of accuracy enabled the team to get the validation work completed efficiently. In addition, the data was complete, delivered to spec, and delivered on time. CPH reports that Mi7 created a meaningful conversion for them, meaning the data was usable, in the format that was needed, and included the right data. This was made possible because of Mi7’s extensive understanding of the structure of the data, where it’s located, and how to properly access it. Though it was a complex and large project, it was not only labeled as a great success, but was also one that those involved enjoyed being a part of.

“When it comes to eCW data extraction and migration, I would only recommend Mi7.  They are the experts and understand the structure of the eClinicalWorks database.  All of their work was clean, allowing me to feel confident that the data they extracted met spec and was accurate.  Their team was wonderful to work with and they were highly professional.  If a medical practice or hospital group needs data migration Mi7 is the best option.”

Stephanie Roberts
eHealth Services Manager
Central Peninsula Hospital