Provide Data to My ACO

Medical practices, government agencies and payers are paying closer attention to data and reporting than ever before. One of the biggest drivers of that trend is Medicare’s encouragement to provide information through an ACO. We can only assume that reporting requirements will only become more stringent.

Another driver of this trend is the need to report to payers in order to negotiate better rates. The ability to extract and analyze accurate discrete data has never been more important to the financial health of your business.

Getting all the meaningful data out of your system for your own purposes is hard enough. Compiling and consolidating data from several different practices and systems for your ACO takes the challenge to a whole new level. Few practices have the technical manpower to create a truly effective solution.

At Mi7 Solutions we regularly hear from physicians and practice managers who are frustrated with the process of extracting the right data. They want to get away from antiquated methods, automate their reporting and share the costs associated with reporting to an ACO.

They would like to do this without having to adhere to their EMR vendor’s limiting constraints and timeframes. Our clients hire us because they want a partner who will work closely with them to develop an effective, custom solution in a timely manner.

It’s not just about lowering costs and gaining efficiencies. It’s about having a robust system that empowers physicians to use data to better manage the health of a population and reduce chronic illness trends.

While the benefits of using high quality data are profound, getting your system to cooperate is typically a big headache. Fortunately, you have a data and technology partner in Mi7 Solutions. We have the skill and experience to meet the data and technical challenges you face.

Call us to find out how we craft solutions that empower medical organizations to succeed.