Export Patient Documents

While the transition to electronic medical records has significantly reduced the amount of paper in a physician’s office, it hasn’t been completely eliminated. During the course of a patient’s care, there are many documents that still exist, and come from a variety of sources.

eClinicalWorks allows for the creation of an electronic filing system, with file structures and file names at the practice’s discretion. These pieces of paper are typically scanned into the system and placed into a patient documents section within eClinicalWorks. They can be easily organized and retrieved when the system is in use. There are cases, however, in which the patient documents must be extracted from eClinicalWorks. If a practice is closing, selling, or even switching EMR systems, the practice holds a legal responsibility to either retain this data (in the case of closing or sale), or move this legacy data to the new system.

While eClinicalWorks can provide a free extract of this data, the deliverable is simply a copy of the database which isn’t viewable or usable. But there is a solution. The Mi7 team knows how to access and save this data to help you meet your legal obligations. Our extensive knowledge of the file structure within eClinicalWorks helps to make the process as seamless and organized as possible, and deliver usable, viewable data:

  • Identification of the documents – what type of document is it, what patient does it belong to, what is the file name, where is it located in the system, and other organizational issues are planned in advance.
  • Packaging the documents – the documents are then packaged up and delivered to the practice via hard drive, CD, or whatever method is chosen to meet the needs of the practice.

The process may vary slightly based on the goals of the practice, as data extracted for archival purposes may be structured and delivered in a slightly different format than data that is to be imported into a new EMR system. Regardless of your practice’s needs and goals, you can rest assured that the Mi7 team has the experience and data extraction process to deliver the data you need, in the format you need it.