Clinical Histories as Discreet Data

It’s becoming more important than ever to manage population health. When you switch systems, you’ll need to carry your clinical histories over. These can include:

  • Surgical History
  • Family History
  • Hospitalizations
  • Medications

Unfortunately, there’s no simple way to transfer histories as discreet data. However, Mi7 knows how, and had years of experience to make the process go smoothly.

Managing Population Health

The only way to manage population health is being able to sort patients and data. Unfortunately, most data is encoded and appears as a large field of text, making it impossible to read or sort. Most extractions don’t help, as the format may not be the same, complicating the transition. Mi7 extracts the data as a CCD (continuation of care document), which is the industry wide standard for exchanging discreet clinical information between systems.

The extracted text is in XML format, which is more easily readable, like HTML text. The data is clearly labeled in fields, rather than a big field of text, and is not encoded. This way you can graph discreet data effectively and find patterns. Each section and can be cataloged and easily searchable. Sections may include information like:

• Allergies
• Medical history
• Labs
• Immunization
• Vitals

If you want to see all of your patients with diabetes, you can now pull up everyone with that diagnosis and see how they’re being treated, how they’re improving, their last three test results, or whatever you need to best make decisions for those under your care.

Your new system

Mi7 extracts data as CCDs, but understands that there can be complications when switching systems. That’s why Mi7 always send an example first to make sure that the extraction will work on the other end. CCDs are generally successful, and are more cost-effective than individually exporting each piece of information.

Transitioning to a new system can be a headache, but Mi7 will work with you to ensure your transition to a new system is successful, and your data is usable.