Migrating Data from eClinicalWorks

After a number of years on a specific electronic health records platform, many practices are finding the need to switch systems in favor of a solution that will better serve their needs. If you are looking to switch from eClinicalWorks to a new EHR, the team at Mi7 can help you extract the data you need and get it ready for migration to your new system. With over a decade of experience in data migration – both to and from eClinicalWorks – Mi7 will create a plan and execute the migration process that will help you as you implement a new electronic health records solution.

What are the types of data that we can help you migrate from eClinicalWorks to your new EHR system? The Mi7 team will help you categorize your data, and determine which discrete data to migrate (into discrete data fields in eCW), and which summary data (extracted from your current system in PDF format) you’ll need. Some of the examples include:

Discrete Data

  • Patient demographics
  • Vitals
  • Schedules
  • Patient Histories
  • Master files, such as insurances and employers

Summary Data (PDF format)

  • Progress notes
  • Lab / DI reports
  • Medical Summaries
  • OB Flowsheets
  • Telephone Encounters
  • Flowsheets

And there are many more, depending on your use and complexity of your installation. But don’t let this seem overwhelming! The mi7 team is well versed in the issues related to data migration, and can help you in your communication with your new vendor and eClinicalWorks, or even take the lead in communicating with them on your behalf.

The process begins with an overview and analysis to determine the key pieces, types of data, and formats we’ll need to extract from eClinicalWorks and prepare for your new EHR:

  • What data would you like to migrate from eClinicalWorks, and is it discrete or summary data?
  • Does your new EHR vendor have a specification they require for the discrete data?
  • What is your implementation timeline?

Knowing the language, and understanding the key points involved in the migration process, including data formats (discrete data versus summary data), as well as being able to assess the quality of data in the current system, will help make the process more manageable for your team.

Contact us today to get your data migration from eClinicalWorks started!