Practice Information

Your practice’s information is some of the most powerful pieces of data you can leverage for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re working with a third-party system or looking for better ways to use the data you have, it’s important to be able to export practice information in an easy to access format. Thankfully, we at Mi7 are experts in getting your practice information in various file formats that are usable and readable.

All third-party systems need practice information to work, or use them to improve their services. Systems like scheduling, billing, marketing, and patient alerts are among the most common that health providers partner with to improve the way their practice runs.

Your practice may want to leverage that information on their own to improve patient engagement and population health. To do this, you need to be able not only to read the information but have it in a format that can be sorted.

To leverage patient demographics and share them with third party systems, Mi7 pulls the data from the database into various file formats. There are various pieces of demographic information that will be needed to function in any system:

  • Patient Information
    • Basic Patient Demographics
  • Insurance information
    • Master List of Insurance Plans
  • Patient Insurance Information
    • Specific insurances that each patient has
  • Appointments
    • Past and future appointments in the system
  • Providers
    • Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistance, Medical Assistance that deliver services
  • Resources
    • Person, Places or items that can be scheduled in the system
  • Facilities
    • Locations at which service can be rendered
  • Referring Providers
    • Providers outside your practice that your send patients to, or that send patients to you

Mi7 can export this information into CSV, Pipe delimited, XML or HL7, so it is readable, and usable for third parties. Then the information can be imported and utilized in other systems.

If you are moving information into your system, Mi7 can create an import in the format you need. Whatever your situation may require, Mi7 has experience in both importing and exporting information in a format that is compatible with your or your third party’s system.

When it comes to helping your practice, we’re more than just a technical service; we’re people, working with you every step of the way to make sure you have a solution that works. Contact Mi7 today to get started and make the most of the data you have.