Lab Device Integration

Did you know … the latest governmental reporting requires that more than 55% of all clinical lab tests ordered are incorporated in Certified EHR Technology as structured data? While that may seem like a challenge, with Mi7 on your side you can make this happen!

With Lab Device Integration, you can integrate lab devices used in your practice with your EHR. That means test results and information will automatically populate to your EHR. Mi7 can develop an interface directly to your EHR or provide it with the data.

eCW Lab Device Integration

Examples of the devices that can be integrated are:

  • Abbott CELL-DYN Emerald
  • Beckman AcT Diff/Diff 2
  • Horiba Medical Micros 60 and Lite DM
  • ACE Alera
  • Drew Scientific Drew-3

Ready to get started? Here’s what we’ll need:

  • Serial Lab Devices: A PC with a serial port connected to the device
  • Network Connected Lab Devices: Connected and configured on the network, and a PC connected to that same network.
  • Supported Device Protocols: If your device supports ASTM, HL7, ABX, or Argos, Mi7 can translate data to HL7 for your EHR. Or, with some EHR’s, we’ll write the results directly to your EHR.

Pricing and timeline for implementation and maintenance are based on your system and unique needs. Contact Mi7 today to receive a budget and schedule for your specific requirements.