System Interfaces

Have you ever worked with multiple systems and just wished that information you entered in one would flow seamlessly to the others? Think about how many different systems exist within a healthcare organization: hospital systems; practice systems; lab systems; transcription systems; kiosk and portal systems; practice management systems; and electronic medical record systems. Having to enter data into each one can become quite time consuming and leave room for error. Let Mi7 help.

eCW System Interfaces

Mi7 can work with you and your vendors to implement interfaces between these systems so that you spend less time re-entering the same information and more time with the patient. Take a look at some of the examples of interfaces Mi7 can create for you:

  • Demographics Inbound or Outbound (HL7 ADT)
  • Charges Inbound or Outbound (HL7 DFT)
  • Diagnostic Imaging Results and Orders (HL7 ORU)
  • Schedule Inbound or Outbound (HL7 SIU)
  • Document Interface Inbound (HL7 ORU)
  • Lab Results and Orders (HL7 ORU)

Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list? Mi7 can create custom interfaces specifically designed for your needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What we’ll need:

  • Windows PC or Server where the interface will be installed
  • Supported Device Protocols: HL7 TCP based, HL7 file based, XML, Custom formats.
  • Testing of hardware and communication

The typical timeline for interface installation is 2-4 weeks, but can vary based on the project and testing requirements.

Pricing and timeline for implementation and maintenance are based on your system and unique needs. Contact Mi7 today to receive a budget and schedule for your specific requirements.